DIPOSTEL sells products that answers to friction, transmission and braking issues in any sector of industry. Our customer are mainly from the railway industry but also aeronautic, military, food, heavy, … industry.

DIPOSTEL wants to reinforce its international presence. We sell in well over 30 countries. We have 3 offices: DIPOSTEL in Saint Aunes (France), DIPOSTEL Iberica in Madrid (Spain) and DIPOSTEL Germany in Herne (Germany).

DIPOSTEL (France) is certified ISO 9001:2015. Our quality management system allows us to offer a consistent service level.

Our values

Customer service

We put collective intelligence and the experience of our teams at the service of our customers. We encourage our employees to fulfill their commitments and to go beyond customers’ expetations.


We want to enable both our customers and employees to achieve the highest level of productivity and innovation.

That’s why, we supply the right solutions and tools and listen attentively and actively their needs.


Our approach to innovation is permanent. We are force of proposal and avant-garde, although measured and prudent in our choices. Optimists and engines, we ensure continuous improvement of our products and services in order to always stay one step ahead.


We offer to our customers a constructive and open experience, based on trust and honesty.

We respect our commitments and strive to be irreproachable in all circumstances.


We work in mutual respect and trust, learn from each other’s experiences and share information for ever-improving results.

We like to work together and it is together we celebrate our successes.