Cable troughs


The cable troughs in polymer material are an ingenious alternative to concrete troughs. They were conceived to respond to all the configurations and installations conditions possible.


  • Modular combination, available in eight different sections.
  • Rapid to install.
  • Easy to install in all circumstances: horizontally, vertically, angled, to bypass an obstacle, along a wall, in a tunnel, suspended to bridge parapets…
  • Flat connection between the different modules to avoid accidents (tripping).
  • Nonslip system in option to the applications in which there is a pedestrian gateway.


  • Anti-theft system / anti-vandal system integrated.
  • 75% lighter than concrete troughs.
  • Robust and resistant to bad weather.
  • Resistant to fire.
  • Anti-static.
  • UV resistant. 
  • Innovative joints system to deal with the difference of temperatures.
  • Different sizes / sections available (including angled modules or sloping modules).
  • Manufactured with recycled materials.