Electronic lubricant unit


The electronic lubricant unit permits to lubricate the rail flange and the wheel flange during the passage of the train that will be detected thanks to sensors located on the rail. The lubricant applicator is also located on the rail.


  • Application on the rail flange thanks to the drilled rail.
  • Can be adapted to any type of rail (tramway, metro, freight and passenger train…).
  • Provided to be used in curves and determined sites.
  • Can be powered by: grid, battery, transformer or solar panel.


  • Reduces noises and rail wear.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Reduces the cost related to wear.


  • The application rate of the product is adjustable thanks to the programmable electronic device.
  • Sensor permits to detect the passage of trains.
  • Tanks of 10 or 25 liters.
  • Possibility to install several tanks in the device.