Liquid friction modifier


The liquid friction modifier permits to obtain a “positive” friction during the contact wheel tread / top of rail.


  • Application recommended on the top of rail thanks to:
  • An application system installed on trackside or in the ground.
  • On board application system 
  • Adjustable to all rail profiles (tramway, metro, freight locomotive or passenger train).
  • Drop on the wheel flange a thin and dry film.
  • Permits a friction regulation of the wheel/rail contact.
  • Planned to be used in curves and determined sites.


  • Reduces squeeling noise.
  • Delays the apparition of corrugation and reduces its development.
  • Reduces the rolling contact fatigue and its effects on the rail.


  • Watery solution including a composite material made with inorganic solids, polymer and others additives.
  • The application rate of the product is adjustable thanks to the control system of the unit located on the trackside.
  • Available in pails of 25kg.
  • Stable product, nonvolatile, odorless and miscible to water.