The Miniprof Rail measures, by contact and in one pass, the complete rail profile as well as the track gauge. It is a support for the rail grinding campaigns and provides instantly the rate of material removed. The Miniprof Rail is also useful for the quality control at the reception of new rails.


  • Connection by Bluetooth.
  • Magnetic fixation to the railhead, using the opposite rail as a reference thanks to the telescopic rod.
  • Measure the gauge and the cant.
  • Can be used on numerous types of rails, including grooved rails.
  • Can be supplied with a perpendicular device to insure a correct alignment with the opposite rail.
  • It also exists in the following versions:    
  • Switch: permits to measure switch or crossing profiles thanks to a Miniprof Classic and an add-on.
  • Twinhead rail: device supplied with a calibrated telescopic rod and a second head of measurement to be placed on the top of the two rail lanes. Ideal for the study of the wheel/rail interaction.


  • Measure of profile and diameter by contact, in one pass.
  • Calculation of wear parameters comparing to one or several reference profiles.
  • Recordable file under Microsoft Excel with 500 to 800 points by profiles.
  • Conception in titanium high precision.
  • Free update.
  • Light, resistant to shocks and waterproof suitcase for the transport.