Miniprof wheel


The Miniprof wheel is a measurement device by contact. It is precise, reliable and everybody can use it. It calculates the gradient (qR), the height (Sh) and the width (Sd) of the wheel flange instantly and it can also measure the wheel diameter.


  • Connection by Bluetooth.
  • Measures the wheel profile in the whole section.
  • Magnetic fixation on the backside of the flange.
  • Adjustable to numerous types of wheels (from tramway wheels to locomotive wheels).
  • Can be adapted to profiles and dimensions of specific wheels.
  • Can be used with a laptop or a PDA to store and analyze the measured data. 
  • It also exists in the following versions:
  • Lightrail: more compact device for the use on tramway.
  • Twinhead: device supplied with a calibrated telescopic rod and a second head of measurement to be fixed and magnetized on every axle wheels. Ideal for the study of the wheel/rail interaction.


  • Measures the profile and diameter by contact, in one pass.
  • Calculation of the wear parameters compared to one or several profiles of reference.
  • Recordable file under Microsoft Excel with 500 to 800 points by profiles.
  • Conception in titanium high precision.
  • Free update.
  • Light, resistant to shocks and waterproof suitcase for the transport.