Safeplug® is a rail web electrical connection system by insert.


  • Additional conical contact in the insert that permits to secure the quality of the contact with the rail in all circumstances and during the entire product’s life.
  • SafePlug® Combi version: permits to install cables on both sides of the rail.
  • Designed to have the lowest transitional resistance between the lug and the rail.
  • Chamfered ring designed that the water cannot remain around the ring.


  • Reliability of the connectivity.
  • Resistant to corrosion in all circumstances.
  • Easy and light equipment.
  • No hydraulic tool needed to expand bushing.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Easy and quick assembly/ disassembly.
  • High contact pressure.


  • Double contact surface in plated silver.
  • Exclusive “High Torque” tightening: 120Nm of couple.
  • High strength stainless steel bolt.
  • Patented system.