Solid friction modifier


The solid friction modifier (stick) is an easy and efficient solution that we apply on the wheel tread of any types of wheel on the modern railway rolling stock.


  • Applied continuously on the wheel tread thanks to an applicator fixed on the bogie.
  • Transfers a thin film on the top of rail.
  • Assembly (shelf + applicator) custom designed in function of the concerned rolling stock.
  • Stick size depending of the profile and dimension of the wheel.
  • Used for high speed trains, metros and tramway.


  • Reliable and clean system.
  • No migration on the wheel flange.
  • Wear reduction of the wheel tread and the top of rail.
  • Important improvement of the wheel lifespan.
  • Protects the whole wheel.


  • Stabilizes the friction coefficient.
  • Stable product, non volatile, non-flammable.
  • Adaptable to any types of application.