The high performance traction gel was conceived to improve friction conditions where the fall of leafs, a wet rail o other type of contamination deteriorates the grip between the wheel and the rail.


  • Fixed unit located along the railway that contains a reservoir, the power, an electronic system and a pump.
  • Wheel sensor installed upstream the applicator.
  • distribution bars supplied by a piping system.
  • Automatic distribution of the traction gel on the rail head.


  • Diminution of wheels flat.
  • Better grip and friction conditions.
  • Helps to maintain traction during braking and acceleration.
  • Permits to anticipate technical problems related to dead leaf fall on the rail.


  • At every train passing, the gel spreads on distance of 60 to 200 meters.
  • The gel distribution output is adjustable thanks to the fixed unit.
  • The wheel sensor detects the number of wheel that passes and when the number regulated is reached, the control system activates the pump in order to inject the traction gel during a defined period.